Bumper Repair Costs Explained: How Much Will It Cost To Repair Your Bumper?

There are many factors that are involved when wondering how much it will cost to repair a bumper – consider each of these factors when trying to get an idea of your bumper repair costs. Note repair costs are dependent on the region in which your auto body repair is taking place. 

1. What Is The Extent Of Damage?

Arguably the most important when considering the cost of your bumper repair or replacement. Front and rear bumpers generally differ in cost and the damage can range from cosmetic, which may include scuffs, surface scratches or small dents, and more severe damage like larger dents and cracks.

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If the bumper has more severe damage it may be best to have the bumper replaced, in order to cut down on labor costs. Your insurance company and auto body shop will guide you to the best possible solution.

2. Labor Involved

As mentioned above, the extent of the damage to the bumper correlates directly into the cost. Smaller, cosmetic, damages will be lower in the number of hours while larger damages will most likely include a bumper cover and bumper replacement with hours needed to prep and paint to a professional finish.

Hours are determined at a regional level, so consult your nearest auto body shop to determine the average hourly rate.

Note this: for a proper repair, your bumper will always need to be taken off the vehicle for a proper repair, paint prep, and paint finish!

3. Quality of Paint and Finish

Paint is also a significant cost to factor in for your bumper repair. Generally, whether or not the damage was cosmetic or sever, the hours required to prep and paint will be similar – auto body-work and paint are given separate hours within the repair estimate.

Having a professional and high-quality automotive paint job is important for these two reasons:

  • Maintain the market value of your vehicle
  • Color matching your bumper to the color of your vehicle.

auto bumper repair after being repaired at majestic collision and auto body

If you choose to take a cheaper route with prep and paint quality, the bumper may end up being a different color tone and shine of the rest of your vehicle – this will reduce the resale value of your vehicle! 

4. Related Repairs Caused By The Accident 

Keep in mind that there are internal pieces to your bumper, surrounding parts such as headlights and fenders, and multiple trim layers that may be included with your bumper. It is not uncommon that the surrounding parts become damaged from the initial accident to your bumper.

Either your insurance adjustor or auto body shop estimator will perform a detailed estimate on your bumper to determine additional costs.

Note: the auto body shop estimator may need to remove the bumper to determine underlying damages.

So, How Much Does It Really Cost To Repair A Damaged Bumper?

The type of accident does not have an effect on the price of your bumper repair – just the damage to the bumper itself. With labor, parts, and paint a typical bumper can range between $500 – $1,500. The price range is due to a number of factors involved, some are listed below:

  • Cost of Parts – more luxury or expensive vehicles tend to have more expensive parts, thus increasing the estimated amount
  • Number of Hours of Paint & Labor – this will be determined by industry standards and the condition of your vehicle
  • Extent of Damage – a simple scratch compared to a large dent will differ in cost
  • Additional Damage To The Vehicle – as mentioned above, additional damage to other auto parts may have been involved within the accident (this will increase the cost of your repair)

Get an Estimate From Your Local Auto Body Shop or Collision Center

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